The Poet’s Timeline

The words we leave behind may be the most powerful tool for articulating the journey toward reaching spiritual freedom. Many want to know who I am and what are my intentions . Through the years I wrote many poems and have gathered some to explain the progression in my journey. Fear has kept this side…

The People We Can’t Forget About

With the world innovating at such quick speeds we have to be vigilant and when we see that something clearly needs attention, then we must pay these people the attention and respect they deserve. With over half of us that took the Covid-19’s who has honestly seen anything positive. One woman I interviewed said she…

Be Brave

Don’t Let Fear Trick You…


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Let’s examine, shall we?

About Me

Like many of you, I’ve self taught myself on more topics than I have time to report. Finding new innovative ways into reordering the dis-order is my soul purpose. Living in this fast paced world, time can allude us into trivial rat races, causing our higher selves to get pulled out of alignment. So what’s the answer? I will take you on a deep dive into a rather unique story of a young woman who asked to keep her identity private. She explains what it was like being exploited and misused by major players. “The hardest part was deciphering who was there to help and who appeared to be” she stated in our interview.

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