The Poet’s Timeline

The words we leave behind may be the most powerful tool for articulating the journey toward reaching spiritual freedom. Many want to know who I am and what are my intentions . Through the years I wrote many poems and have gathered some to explain the progression in my journey. Fear has kept this side silenced, but hope is letting go the illusion that this makes me weak. In truth this is what makes me strong so read

if you dare.

The past has a way of showing us the power truth, the present demonstrate how we overcame those lessons.


Possessing the knowledge, ignoring the know better. Wishing the want away, wanting to be ok. Needing to feel a certain way.

Stuck in desire, tangled in disaster. Melted with confusion, driven by emotion. Controlled by decision, mislead by impression, deceived by conversation. Repeated by temptation. Aggravated by retaliation.

Pressed by hesitation, disappointed by realization. Avoiding social confrontation. Constantly defending my choice of medication.

What if now was then? What if then is tomorrow? What if the future is just the past played over on a tape? What if later becomes never? What if you never tried it, would you ever miss it? What if you didn’t know what you didn’t need to? Why did those who lead me here disappear? Why have the knowledge, when you don’t have the ability to use it? What if you understand but are never understood? What if everything you do in life is just everything you did? What if you did not realize you were not here, or if you did, but can’t remember why?

We Do Recover

Reality strikes in, look time begins. New footsteps are taken, old habits are breaking. Time to move forward, towards success and reward. Loss is no more, only room to SOAR. Give it all you’ve got, one chance, clean slate, your boss. For life is what you make it. Don’t fly through life blindly, choice two might not treat you so kindly.

Everybody has darkness they must overcome, the only way we don’t recover is by not being able to own your past. When we learn to be ok inside we free ourselves to find our purpose. I’ve learned that we all make mistakes and those can be what makes you great! Never give up and quit playing small!


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