The People We Can’t Forget About

With the world innovating at such quick speeds we have to be vigilant and when we see that something clearly needs attention, then we must pay these people the attention and respect they deserve. With over half of us that took the Covid-19’s who has honestly seen anything positive. One woman I interviewed said she has had a clean bill of health, that was until she was forced into choosing between her job or the vaccine. She said within 2 months she had to go in to get an emergency appendectomy, complications happened, then a week after the surgery she tested positive for the virus. She also stated that she has never returned to her normal state of health. Another woman I spoke to who runs a nursing agency said she has physically noticed her and loved one appear to age faster. Our body’s were made to heal themselves and in order to return to our natural state we have to deliver the truth. Click on my link below and read the story of the lives that are forever changed. I also want to raise money for these beautiful soles she if anybody is interested in collaborating with me to do that I welcome your email.

Check out story


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