Through the beauty comes the inspiration

It’s Never Too Late

We live in a fast-paced world, often times it is hard to see past our daily schedules. Most of us, once we get through our daily schedule, have little time left before we have to turn in for the night so we can do it all over again tomorrow. We have to then determine what our ultimate goal is with this small window of time. Those that have families to tend to prioritize their time with things that will benefit the family, leaving their dreams on the back burner for another time. When that time finally gets here, many have forgotten the dream they once held or believe it’s too late in the game to attempt something so unrealistic….or is it?

“It’s never to late to be what you might have been.”

George Eliot

So stop holding yourself back and give your dream a chance, the main thing is to have fun doing it. Research has proven that we are more successful when we love what we are doing!

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Marc Anthony

Where to start

Most of us don’t know where to start to get our ideas up and going. We are living in the world with anything we desire at the click of a button..,BOOM now it’s ours. The pandemic changed everything about our world and how we operate in it. We have shifted and advanced 10-15 years ahead of what experts believed would take place.

Opportunities Are Everywhere

With so many tech company’s out there disrupting the industry, turning your ideas into reality has never been easier. If you want to follow along in my journey with tips and tricks I used to help manifest my ideas into reality and learn what didn’t work then follow me@geminikb27


We can have the greatest ideas and the best products, but if we don’t do the little things to keep that creativity flowing then many of us know the results….we hit a block. What was flowing so smoothly is now stifled by our lack of inspiration..,the force that drives us to create our lives with a little more color.

Nature has always been my go to for Inspiration. When I’m out in nature surrounded by vast troves of beauty it’s easier to envision ideas for new creations.


Located in Grand Island Nebraska. History behind this great hill comes from June 3, 1980 when 10 tornados from a storm cell deviated a large portion of Grand Island and taking the lives of those who were not fortunate enough to escape the powerful storms.

Tornado hill is where they pilled the rubbish, in an attempt to clean up the destruction from the storms furry. This too is also the day I was born into this world. Today it’s a beautiful park called Ryder park that host baseball games, tennis tournaments, playground equipment for children, habitat for squirrels, and picnic tables for those like me who find it to be very inspirational for creating art.

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